Welcome to Tracey Ayton Home. Over the years I have had the pleasure of photographing beautiful homes, products and people. Loved the journey and still do ..... When we purchased a home five years ago and renovated it from top to bottom, many of you followed along. Having to work within the existing home’s foot print, we did our best to create a home in which we loved. When people describe our home, most would say it’s got an “East Coast” vibe. Situated about thirty steps from the beach, our new home was probably the best thing that could ever happen in both my career and personal life. This beach lifestyle evolved on it’s own, it’s certainly something that I didn’t set out to do. When you live near the beach, each day is different and I love to share everything that I see and experience..... Perhaps it was the photo of a shell, a beach chair, our kitchen or Frankie, our dog ...... whatever it was, made people happy and they let me know. Three years ago I started to research and gather ideas with how to move forward on this venture .....how could I share more of this lifestyle that I have created and that so many people love? My goal was to create small batch, hand made, home goods, inspired by the seaside. I decided to hire artisans to create products by hand, exclusively for my brand. With a little bit of discussion of what I envisioned and each artisan’s expertise ..... we created this home line that emulates my lifestyle and photography. I do hope you enjoy!

“ Small batch, hand made, home goods, inspired by seaside living.”