Kirn Gill is a landscape and floral painter.  She paints with oils on Canvas.  Kirn was born in a small picturesque town called Summerland, Canada.  The minute she picks up the brushes, her mind is at is and her hands begin to flow.  Kirn is self taught and has been painting since 2014.  Nature is a strong theme in her work.  Her childhood impressions from the Okanagan’s rural landscape are evident in her paintings of the sky.  By using the sky as a form of expression, Kirn depicts mood through colours and the formation of clouds.  Kirn’s ultimate goal with each painting is to portray a deep sense of beauty ~ may that be delightful joy or a deep sense of calm and serenity.  Kirn now lives and paints in Surrey, Canada with her husband and 2 children.
Comes framed 4x6.